Why You Should Follow A Martial Art School Marketing Plan

marketing Sep 30, 2022

On The Fence About Purchasing My Marketing Course? The Following May Change Your Mind…

Recently I coached one of my clients on setting up a marketing system. Just the other day, he posted his final results for his first 30-Day marketing push:

Well, I hit my goal and a few over. I’m sitting on 34 this month. This is the craziest month ever. I have got around 36 intros this month. I have had some busy months before but I don’t think any like this. Thanks for your help!

Hmmm… from 3 or 4 enrollments a month to 34 in one month. There must be some amazing secret, right? I bet you’re wondering, what was this mysterious system we implemented?

Honestly, it was not that far off from the exact marketing plans I share in my martial art school marketing course, and in my martial arts business coaching groupNo lie, that’s the honest truth.

Besides a few minor tweaks to customize it to Tony’s area, it was the exact same marketing plan you get each month. Tony just took the plan and put it to work. That’s it.

And that, my friends, is the power of having a real system in place. Without it, you will get hit and miss results. But with a system, you can get predictable results, each and every single month.

Why You Need To Implement It ALL

Q: Why do you need to implement the ENTIRE marketing plan, step-by-step, and not deviate from it? 

A: There are two crucial reasons for this… let’s go through them both.

  • Reason #1 – There’s a reason my marketing system works, and it’s known as repeat exposure. You may have heard that a buyer has to see your marketing an average of 7 times before they contact you. That saying has been around a long time, and it’s even more true today. The more people see your marketing materials and name around town, the more they are going to trust you as a business. Also, it builds your credibility – they will assume since your name is everywhere that you must be the market leader and expert in martial arts instruction. It’s simple psychology, but it works.
  • Reason #2 – What I like to call “marketing juice”. Think about your marketing like the juice in your car’s battery. Your marketing is the juice that jump starts your business. Every piece of the marketing plan charges your marketing “battery” with more “marketing juice” just a little bit more. Charge it 25% of the way by only doing 1/4th of the marketing activities, and your “engine” won’t even turn over. “Click-click-click-click-click…” is what you’ll hear. Charge it to 50%, and it may crank over once then die. Charge it to 75%, and you might get it to turn over once or twice, then the battery dies and you have to start all over again charging it up.

But… charge it all the way up, and BAM! Your car cranks right over, that engine is humming like a purring kitten, and your “car” is going to take you wherever you want to go.

Partial Efforts = Almost No Results

Partial efforts won’t do it. It’s 100% or nothing. Unlike most other pursuits, in marketing partial efforts will not yield partial results, because you have to exceed that certain point where you get local market saturation. But it’s almost impossible to know where that point is, which is why you need to DO IT ALL.

So, get my marketing plan (by getting the marketing course or joining my coaching group) and post it right where you can see it everyday. Mark off each part of the plan as you go through it each month.

By the end of the month, every single item should be crossed out. Then, pull out another copy and start all over again. By repeating this every month consistently, soon your name will be everywhere, and people in your community will know exactly who to call for martial arts and fitness – YOU.


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