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Find Out How To Start & Run a Successful After-School or Summer Martial Arts Camp

Even if you've never run a martial arts camp before... This course will show you exactly how you can go from zero kids to having a packed and profitable after-school pick-up program or summer martial arts day camp!

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"Everything You Need to Run a Successful After-School or Summer Program"

"Wow! I just downloaded my copy of the After-School Karate Camp System with Summer Camp Manual and I was totally blown away by the sheer size of the package.

It is HUGE! I have purchased from Mike before and have always been impressed with how he over-delivers on the product, but this time it is crazy over-delivered. Audio and Transcripts? Massive bonuses? Huge!

When I say that there is everything you need to run a successful after school or summer program in this package, I totally mean it. If you don't get this product, you are doomed to fail."

Jim Mahan
Jiu-Jitsu Instructor - Killeen, TX

Raise your hand if the following describes you:

  • You're frustrated with coming up short on money at the end of every month...
  • You're sick of having to struggle to enroll students in your programs, month-after-month...
  • You'd like to have a THRIVING children's program in your school, but can't seem to get it going, or you have no idea where to start...

Martial Art School Owners and Instructors,

My name is Mike Massie, and I'm going to be incredibly honest with you.

The truth is, I used to dread going into my martial art studio every day. The reason? Because I had to struggle to find and keep students, month-after-month!

Oh, I had plenty of students - don't get me wrong. But just like thousands of other martial art school owners across the country, I lived in constant fear of seasonal fluctuations in my enrollment...

How I Got Rid Of Those Dreaded Seasonal Drop-Outs For Good

Every year around the time school ended, and when the Christmas holidays approached, I began to DREAD going to my school each day.

You probably know exactly why - because I knew it was the time of year for cancellations and drop-outs!

It would absolutely wreck me twice every year, because I felt like all the progress I'd made in building my enrollment just went down the tubes because of summer or the holidays...

You know the excuses, right?

  • "We need to take a break..."
  • "We'd like to put our account on hold..."
  • "We're sending Johnny to his grandma's for the summer..."
  • "Things are really tight right now, so we need to cut back..."

I used to hear these excuses all the time, but then something incredible happened in my school.

I learned about a group of people who desperately need my services, all year long... and who are willing to pay 3 and 4 times as much for my services as my regular members!

How To Get Paid Four Times As Much For Your Services

You read that correctly - these folks are willing to pay you three and four times as much as your typical student. And, they are absolutely desperate for your services!

Yes, the group of people I'm talking about are working parents with school-age children - the perfect market for my After-School and Summer Martial Arts Program!


What No One Else Is Telling You About Starting And Running After-School and Summer Martial Arts Programs

Now, I'll openly admit two important things to you that no one else will tell you about running After-School and Summer Martial Arts Programs:

  1. After-School & Summer Programs are a lot of work to run, and it can wear you down... if you don't know how to organize your programs, and hire and train good staff -
  2. After-School & Summer Programs make a lot of money, but overhead costs can easily kill your profits... if you don't know how to keep your costs under control so you keep most of that extra income in your pockets -

Of course, I had to learn how to organize my camps, how to find and train good staff, and how to run my camps on the cheap the hard way.

And let me tell you, I only wish I could have avoided all the mistakes I made early on!

But, after ten years of running massively successful and profitable After-School and Summer Camps, I can honestly tell you - run properly, these programs will make you more profit, month-after-month, than any other program I've seen.

Why Haven't I Told You About This Before?

So why haven't I told you about this before?

The reason is simple - I didn't want to reveal all my secrets about how to start an after school program to my competition! But, after over a decade of running these programs, I had to reveal these secrets to my loyal readers and customers...

It just didn't seem fair to keep it from you, when this program could make the difference between success and failure in a down economy.

You see, after-school care and summer day care is a service that families MUST purchase, regardless of...

  • Economic conditions - In fact, when the economy goes south, your services will be in even higher demand, because parents who were once stay-at-home moms and dads are forced to go back to work!
  • Time of year - Parents need a place for their children to stay while they're at work, all year long. So, you'll never have to worry about people dropping out due to the holidays or summer vacation...
  • Income - Did I mention that all working parents need child care? And guess what? People at lower income levels need your services even more, since both parents are likely to work!

And yes, even middle-income families will pay you three and four times your typical tuition rates for enrolling their kids in your after-school and summer karate camps.

Why Parents Will Be Begging You To Enroll Their Kids

Look, parents are already paying to put their kids in the local drop-off daycare centers. And guess what their kids are NOT getting there?

  • No organized physical activity - Kids basically are left to their own designs when it comes to playtime at most daycare centers. That's why parents LOVE my After-School Karate Program, because their kids get exercise guaranteed, every single day!
  • Lack of supervision - Most of these places have very high kid-to-staff ratios. We're talking 24 kids to one adult in some cases. And, many times these adults are teens who have little business watching kids - they're basically kids themselves. That's why parents love karate instructors!
  • No character development - Think they're teaching kids life skills at the local daycare? Not on your life! That's because most of these places make every attempt to be as vanilla and PC as they can be, so they reach the largest cross-section of population. We're more selective and exclusive, and appeal to a very specific type of parent (I explain this in the program). That's why being different works in your favor!

"He's Done It Again"

“If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that sometimes I’ll mention other sites and recommend other products, but only when I truly believe they contain real value and can help you.

Well, recently I read Mike Massie’s ‘Starting a Summer Day Camp’, and I’ve got to tell you that he’s done it again. This simple and concise package covers everything you need to know about filling your school over the scarce summer months with enthusiastic karate kids.”

Jason Stanley

Finally, Thanks To My After-School Karate Program...

You'll Never Have to Struggle With Finding Students Or Paying Your Bills Again

  • No More Fighting To Find Students - Typically there are more kids than there are daycare spots... so parents will be clamoring to get in your programs each year!
  • No More Fighting To Pay Your Bills Each Month - With just a dozen kids enrolled in your After-School Karate Camp, you'll easily pay your entire overhead on your studio each and every month.
  • No More Students Dropping Out Twice A Year - Parents need these services, all year long. The best part is, when you limit your camp size, parents will HAVE to keep their kids enrolled - even when they aren't in town - just to keep their spot. And they'll happily pay you for the privilege. this is no joke...

Consider This...

  • You'll have all the students you'll ever need.
  • You'll make more money per student than ever.
  • These students will stick around in your program for years, all year round.


Find Out How to Reap the Rewards of Running After-School and Summer Camp Programs With This Complete Course

Here's what you'll learn in this streaming video course:

  • Reasons for Starting an After-School or Summer Martial Arts Program - This section goes into detail about why you need to have an After-School Karate Program in your school... and also reveals the pitfalls you must avoid if you want to be successful over the long term!
  • Planning Your Summer or After-School Martial Arts Camps - Discover how to organize and plan your program for maximum profits and minimum headaches!
  • Legal and Regulatory Considerations - What no one else is telling you about running after-school programs... this portion of the course could make the difference between going bust and going all the way in your After-School and Summer Martial Arts Camps!
  • Scheduling Classes and Activity Planning - So, you've got a ton of kids in your program... now how do you keep them busy? This section of the course goes into detail to reveal all my secrets for keeping kids active and happy - and making you a star in their parents' eyes!
  • How to Deal With Common Challenges - Challenges will arise in your summer and after-school camps, and knowing how to handle them before hand is how you avoid disaster... this section of the course goes over all the common challenges you may face, including illness, injury prevention, discipline, and more!
  • Finding and Training Good Staff - You can't do it all on your own, which is why you need to know how to find and keep good staff! This section of the course reveals inside information on how to find, train, compensate, and keep the staff members who will keep your camps running like clockwork...

And, You'll Also Receive:

  • The Summer Martial Arts Camp Operations Manual - This manual details how I went from zero kids to having a packed and profitable summer martial arts camp in a few short months. (Instant download .pdf and e-book format.)
  • The Complete After-School Martial Arts Camps Operations Manual - Included in PDF and e-reader formats, this manual includes transcripts of the entire audio series, edited for easy reading and brevity. If you don't have time to listen to all the audios right away, the manual can have you up and running in no time! (instant download)

Plus, You'll Get These Free Bonuses That Are Included With The Course:

Bonus #1: Marketing Materials! You’ll get dozens of ads, social media images, and marketing templates, which will make your job of filling your camp a whole heck of a lot easier. (instant download)

Bonus #2: Registration and Attendance Forms! I’m also including all the necessary forms you’ll need, including registration packets, attendance tracking, sign-in/sign-out sheets, and release forms - trust me, you need these forms. It would cost you hundreds in legal fees to have these drawn up by your attorney, but they're included free with this course. (instant download)

Bonus #3: The Audio Version of the Course! I've also included the audiobook version of the after-school camp manual and the audio from the summer camp section of the course. Listen and learn while you're on the go! (instant download)

The Complete After-School & Summer Martial Arts Camps Online Course

Just $149

For all this:

  • 10 video lessons detailing how to get off the ground fast with a highly-profitable summer camp. $100 value
  • 13 video lessons revealing how to smoothly transition from a summer camp to an after-school camp. $130 value
  • The Summer Camp Manual (.pdf and e-book formats) $30 value
  • The After-School Camp Manual (.pdf and e-book formats) $40 value
  • The Summer Camp Manual audio download. $20 value
  • The After-School Camp Manual audiobook. $30 value
  • Dozens of ads, social media images, and marketing templates to help you fill your camps. $197 value
  • Essential documents and forms you'll need to operate successful camps. Saves you hundreds in legal fees!

This Course Reveals Everything You Need to Succeed at Running After-School and Summer Martial Arts Camps

Other similar programs that contain less info sell for $500 and up.

Get lifetime access to this course for just a fraction of that when you order today.

Why wait? End your cash flow problems for good and change your life for the better. Enroll in this course now!

Best regards,

Mike Massie
Author, Small Dojo Big Profits

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