Set Appointments and Enroll Students At Will... Without Slimy Hard-Sell Tactics

Selling martial arts lessons doesn't have to mean selling your soul. Find out how to sell more memberships than ever with honesty and integrity.

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In this Course, You'll Discover...

Mastering the Phone

If the thought of calling someone back gives you cold chills, you’re going to love this section of the manual. Find out how to make setting appointments and returning phone inquiries a breeze.

Teaching Intros

Tired of teaching intros, only to have the prospect walk out the door saying, "We'll get back to you"? Find out how to teach introductory lessons that have them begging to enroll.

Closing The Deal

Do most of your prospects walk before they sign on the dotted line? Discover secrets to closing the deal. And, find out how to structure your enrollment process so prospects ask you how to enroll.

Discover How to Set Appointments and Enroll New Students Without Using Slimy Hard-Sell Tactics

Dear Frustrated Martial Art School Owner,

Ever wonder if there was a way to enroll more students without using slimy hard-sell sales tactics that make you feel like you're selling your soul just to keep your doors open?

My name is Mike Massie, and I once wondered the exact same thing. You see, I was told by the martial arts consulting companies that I had to outright trick and lie to my students to get enrollments.

Well, I just couldn't do it... and I bet you feel the same way.

But guess what? There's an answer to this ethical dilemma - one that allows you to enroll students and set appointments at will, and without...

  • Hiding the fact that you use membership contracts...
  • Lying about the reason for your registration fees...
  • Avoiding the price question over the phone...
  • Having to resort to strong-arm sales tactics to close the deal...
  • And losing the respect of your students because they feel like you pressured them into enrolling in your school...

I've discovered a MUCH BETTER METHOD of enrolling students and setting phone appointments, and now I'm sharing it in this course.

Learn the Art of "Selling Without Selling" So You Can Set Appointments and Enroll Students At Will

It's the absolute best method I've seen to enroll new students.

And that's because it results in your students actually GAINING MORE RESPECT for you. That's because you'll stay true to the positive values your martial art promotes.

Yes, your students will actually respect you more when you use my methods to set appointments and enroll new students.

Find out how in the Phone-to-Enrollment Martial Art School Sales Success Course.

Finally... An Honest Approach to Selling Memberships

  • How to sell more memberships – without resorting to underhanded and sneaky sales tactics that destroy your relationship with your students.
  • The two things you absolutely MUST have in order to enroll students with ease.
  • Should you use contracts? Find out in the section on enrollment conferences.
  • The “10 Commandments of Martial Arts Selling” – follow them and you’ll always know exactly what to do to convert suspects to prospects, and prospects to paying students.
  • Discover the exact intro process we’ve used for years to enroll better than 90% of our trial members on long-term memberships – know it and you can hit these numbers, too.
  • How to sell more by talking less – this is perfect for you if you’re an introvert or you hate selling.
  • The 24 words you must NEVER use when speaking with a prospective student.
  • How people selling harder than it has to be, and three reasons why it’s actually much easier than you think (that is, when you follow this system).
  • 9 easy tweaks you can implement immediately to set more appointments today.
  • Hate no-shows? Here are 3 simple ways to make no-shows a rarity.
  • How to structure your intros so your trial members will beg you to take their money.

You Spend Hundreds or Even Thousands of Dollars a Month On Marketing, So Don't Waste It

How much money are you losing each month, just because you don't know how to easily and ethically convert leads into paying customers?

I bet you're losing a lot of money, and it's all going right down the tubes every single month. See, a school owner who knows how to sell can enroll 50% or more of the leads they get, each and every month.

But if you don't know how to sell memberships, you might only enroll half of your leads (I've seen some school owners who only enroll one-in-ten). That means you have to spend twice as much on marketing, so you generate twice as many leads, just to enroll the same number of students.

That doesn't even include money you're losing in future months when you add up all the lost tuition payments you would have made.

But what would happen to your bottom line if you knew how to enroll 80% or more of the people who walk in your door?

Here's An Illustration Of What This Could Do For Your School...

This course makes it easy for you to learn the exact methods my wife and I use to convert up to 70% of our leads to regular members.

Some months it's less, but we always convert at least 50% or higher of our leads to paying members!

You might think this is impossible based on your past stats, but I'm here to tell you that you can hit these numbers... once you have the right information in your hands.

Just think -

  • If you get 20 leads a month, that's ten new students a month...
  • With 30 leads, that's 15 new students a month...
  • And with 50 leads, that's 25 new students a month!


How to Predict Your Marketing ROI

Once you learn this system, you’ll know exactly what your return on investment will be in advance for any marketing you do.

Just count how many leads you typically get from any method of marketing you use, divide that number in half, and multiply it by your average initial payment on a regular membership.

For example:

  • 2,000 door hangers @ .14 cents per = $280 cost of advertising
  • 2,000 door hangers x .01 = 20 leads (based on an average response rate)
  • 20 leads x .50 = 10 enrollments
  • 10 enrollments x $200 average initial payment = $2,000.00!
  • $2,000.00 – $280 for advertising = a $1,720.00 return on investment

*Illustration only. Actual return on expenditure of marketing dollars will vary significantly based on multiple factors.

Of course, this is just an example, and I can’t guarantee that you’ll get that sort of a return on your advertisement. You might do better or worse, depending on multiple factors.

That said, if you know your conversion ratio from leads to enrollments you can easily predict which marketing campaigns will be worth your investment (based on how many students you can reasonably expect to enroll).

Can you see how powerful this knowledge is? 

No more worrying about whether you’ll be able to convert trial memberships to long-term members. With this system, that’s something you’ll never have to worry about again.

What My Clients Say:

I want you to know that following our last sales training consultation, we implemented the changes you recommended. The results were immediate and extremely positive... we feel very good about it. After over twenty years of selling health club and martial arts memberships, I have found your advice refreshing as well as extremely effective. I also appreciate the fact that you approach this business with the mindset of a professional, ethical Martial Arts Instructor.

Dave Pryga, Sun Martial Arts

When I went to learn something, I go to the best. When I wanted to take my small, private martial arts training group and turn it into a thriving, full time vocation, I went to Mike Massie. Through private coaching and guidance, Mike has given me the know how to achieve my life's goal of becoming a successful business owner and martial arts instructor. He's a great coach, a man of good character, and someone I have been proud to associate with. His system worked for me. It can work for you.

JB Jaeger, Maryland Jeet Kune Do

I just want to thank you again. Facing the current events in our world has made Jason and me beyond grateful that we have followed your principles. Thank you for helping us keep things realistic and financially responsible at our school. We (with our members) thank you for showing us how to build and sustain a healthy martial arts community. We are, as always, grateful for your wisdom, guidance, and friendship along the way, most especially in these recent weeks.

Cristina Keaton, Blind Fury Jiu-Jitsu

Give Yourself a Pay Raise by Improving Your Ability to Sell Memberships


Here's what the Martial Arts Membership Sales Success Course covers:

  • The phone sales course. Everything you need to know about handling the phone and setting appointments, boiled down to 7 lessons, delivered in streaming format.
  • The intro lesson video course. Teach intro courses my way and your chances of enrolling a student go from about 50/50 to 90% or better. It's all about the rapport. Find out how to connect with your new students and their parents so you can see your enrollment numbers skyrocket. 6 lessons, streaming format.
  • The enrollment conference videos. Seeing isn't always believing, but it definitely helps you learn more efficiently. You'll have videos of the enrollment conference process so you can see how to handle enrollment and objections gracefully and with dignity. 7 lessons, streaming format.

Plus, you'll also receive these valuable free bonuses:

  • The Phone-to-Enrollment Martial Arts Sales Success manual. The complete guide to setting appointments and selling martial arts memberships with honesty and dignity, for both you and your clients. You get it in PDF, .mobi (Kindle), and .epub (Nook and Kobo) formats.
  • The audio book. The entire Martial Arts Sales Success System manual recorded on audio, so you can listen to the book while in the car or doing your daily workout. Downloadable MP3 format. 
  • The phone script cheat sheet. A quick reference PDF to print out and keep by the phone. Always know what to say and how to say it. 
  • The enrollment conference quick reference guide. Handy quick reference PDF to keep on your desk when conducting enrollment conferences. Always have the proper response close at hand.
  • The tracking spreadsheets and pricing templates. These spreadsheets will make it easy to track your inquiries, appointments, intros, and enrollments. And, the pricing templates will make it a snap to determine your rates and payment plans. Just a little something extra to make your life simpler. PDF, Excel, and Word documents.
  • The conference call recording. Get the 60-minute exclusive conference call audio recording to further help clarify the material and make it easier to implement immediately. MP3 format.
  • The coaching call recording. Recorded from an actual client coaching call. Listen to the phone inquiry call script reenacted "live" in your car, while you workout, or in the office to brush up before you return calls. It's a great way to reinforce the material and get your phone rhythm down pat. 32-minutes. MP3 format.
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Still Not Convinced?

If I still haven't convinced you, that means you probably have a few questions that I haven't answered yet. So, I've included a brief FAQ below based on questions I've received in the past. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us by clicking the support link at the bottom of the page. - M.M.

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