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Do you struggle to get new students? Read on to find out how you can attract a steady stream of new prospects and members, all year long.

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  • Learn simple, repeatable marketing strategies.
  • Discover a comprehensive system for generating leads and students at will.
  • Find out how the most successful studio owners market their programs!

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Find out how to combine classic marketing wisdom with new school tech to get more students.

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You'll get professionally-designed templates, images, and ad copy for online and offline marketing.

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Discover how to grow your school using the same methods that have worked for dozens of my clients.

Who this is for:

  • Established studio owners looking to take their enrollment to the next level...
  • New school owners who need proven systems for attracting students...
  • Part-timers who want to know the exact methods for generating full-time cash-flow!

Customer Success Story

"This product gives you everything you need to start getting ahead right away. From tips on branding to methods of getting public notoriety, Mike's system simply works. I went from a 15 student school to 100 student school in just one year using Mike's systems! I highly recommend this product."

~Bill Jones, BJJ school owner & black belt


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What you'll get in this course:

  • Get the big picture when it comes to effective martial art school marketing. Most school owners don't have this perspectivegain the advantage over your competition by understanding the end game!
  • Stop hoping and guessing! Find out how to build marketing systems that get repeatable and predictable results!
  • It's not the year 2010 anymore. Find out what's changed over the last decade, and discover what you need to do to succeed in today's consumer market.
  • Benchmarks! You'll learn what they are, why you need them, and how to use them to grow your enrollment.
  • Be a rainmaker! You'll get my 7 steps to showing any school owner how to make it rain new students...
  • Discover website marketing tactics that work. Website marketing isn't dead—not by a long shot. Find out how to get a website that cranks out leads and sales 24/7/365...
  • Market your school on a budget! You'll find out how to market a school for $200 bucks a month, how to build a professional marketing website for peanuts, how to be your own ad agency, and much, much more...

Customer Success Story:

"I bought the Marketing System right after I emailed you!!! I really like your stuff. We've brought a BJJ club with maybe 30 students to a full-time academy with a complete kids program & 100 students. I get to teach full-time and I quit my construction job! Just about everything I use to run the business and marketing has come straight from your materials."

~Jason Ebarb, BJJ black belt


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All the tools and resources you'll ever need, including:

  • Dozens of ad sets designed by my personally-trained graphic designers! We charge $400 an hour for custom ad designs, but you'll get these ads FREE when you purchase access today!
  • Sales copy crafted by yours truly, Mike Massie. I charge thousands to write a single sales letter, but you won't pay a dime for all the ad copy I've written and included in this course.
  • My digital ad copy swipe file. Tired of guessing what to say in your ads? Guess no more—just copy my headlines and descriptions, and you're good to go!
  • VIP Guest Pass templates that'll make you look like a million bucks!
  • Inspirational social media memes for an entire year! You'll never have to think about what to post again—just load them up in your post planner and you're done.
  • My martial arts marketing ads swipe file. You'll get dozens of ads from my archive to provide you with ideas and ad copy for creating your own new and improved marketing pieces and online ads.
  • My step-by-step, over my shoulder digital ad creation tutorial. Watch along as I whip up killer ads on Google and Facebook—and show you how to test them to make them even better!
  • Last but not least, my DiY website tutorial. I built my first website in 1999. Since then I've built dozens of high-performing lead capture websites for dojo owners the world over. Look over my shoulder as I reveal the exact tools and techniques I used to create six-figure sales generating websites!

Client Endorsement

"Mike Massie is without a doubt one of the best martial arts business coaches in America, I endorse his program. He is the best I've seen at explaining critical success factors involved in running a martial arts school. Any school owner who wants to grow will benefit from Massie's approach and marketing ideas."

~Juan Garcia, multi-school owner & BJJ instructor

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What Customers Are Saying About This Course...

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Customer Review

"I have owned and run a successful martial arts school for more than 12 years and have read many marketing books but the clarity in this course, the amount of material in this course and the chunking of information so that it is easily processed is excellent. I would recommend it to anyone running a martial arts school!"

~Lester Hicks, Tang Soo Do black belt & school owner

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